2023-2024 Professional Development FAQ

  • Are all TradInFo members required to complete professional development requirements?

No, student members are exempt.

  • How many are the compulsory training days?

Three (3) days in two (2) years (e.g. for 2023-2024, I have to complete 3 days from 1 January 2023 to 31 December 2024).

  • Is it mandatory to complete 1.5 days a year?

No, you have to complete 3 days within the relevant two-year period.

  • How many hours is a compulsory training day equivalent?

One (1) day is equivalent to six (6) hours of training, on a cumulative basis.

  • What training activities are valid for the purposes of professional development?

All training courses and events organized by TradInFo and the courses and training activities provided both in Italy and abroad by universities, public and private institutions, schools, training institutions, professional associations, trade associations and, in any case, institutions devoted to professional development, i.e. aiming at improving the knowledge or skills of a member in the performance of their job as a translator or interprete.

  • What training activities are NOT valid for the purposes of cprofessional development?

Work activities (e.g. interpretation and / or translation day, teaching activities), general language courses aimed at obtaining language skills certifications of any level and teaching qualification courses will not be deemed valid.

  • How can I have my training activities accredited?

If you have attended a course organized by TradInFo accreditation will be automatic. In all other cases it will be sufficient to access the Training Accreditation page and fill in all the fields. Please, make sure to submit for each training event, the relevant certificate of attendance which shall bear the number of training hours completed, and include the signature and stamp of the organizer / trainer involved.

  • What if the certificate does not include the number of training hours completed?

If the number of training hours is not shown on the certificate, you must submit the event / training activity programme. The Technical Training Committee (TTC) will not look up nor download from the Web any such programme for conferences, seminars or similar, nor will the Commission visit websites suggested by members.

  • When do I have to request the accreditation of a training activity?

You can request the accreditation of a training activity no later than December 31, 2023 for courses attended in 2023 ande no later than 30 November 2024 for courses attended in 2024.

  • What happens if, at the end of the two-year period, I have not completed the required number of training days?

If you fail to comply with the professional development obligation within 31.12.2024, you will cease to be a member but can be readmitted to membership by giving evidence of completion of all the training days required no later than 31 December 2025. Upon expiry of this period, a former member may join the Association again starting from the following two-year period (1 January 2027-31 December 2028) without any obligation to submit evidence of further training.

  • What is the Technical Training Committee (TTC) and what do they deal with?

The TTC, by mandate of the TradInFo Board of Directors, overlooks members’ compliance with the professional development obligation, according to the procedures established in the Rules of Procedure. The Commission consists of three members, working on a voluntary basis, who have been ordinary members for at least 3 years. They are granted full autonomy to lay down operating procedures and training accreditation criteria.