FAQ Training biennium 2019-2020

  • Are all TradInFo members required to carry out professional updating?

No, student members are exempt.

  • How many are the compulsory training days?

Three (3) days in two (2) years (Ex: For the two-year period 2019-2020, I have to complete 3 days from 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2020).

  • Is it mandatory to carry out 1.5 days a year?

No, you have to complete 3 days in the entire biennium.

  • How many hours is a compulsory training day equivalent?

One (1) day is equivalent to six (6) hours of training, even cumulative.

  • What are the training activities recognized for the purposes of compulsory education?

All training courses and events organized by TradInFo and the courses and training activities provided both in Italy and abroad by universities, public institutions, private institutions, schools, training institutions, professional associations, trade associations and, in any case, institutions with a vocational training purpose, that is, the purpose of which is to improve the knowledge or skills of the member in the performance of the profession of translator or interpreter.

  • What are the training activities NOT recognized for the purposes of compulsory education?

Work activities (e.g. interpretation and / or translation day, teaching activities), general language courses aimed at obtaining linguistic certifications of any level and teaching qualification courses will not be recognized.

  • How can I request the recognition of a training activity?

If you have attended a course organized by TradInFo the recognition is automatic. In all other cases it will be sufficient to access the Training Activity Recognition page and fill in all the fields, remember to upload for each event the relative certificate of participation, bearing the number of hours of training carried out, signed and stamped by the organizer / teacher of the training activity itself.

  • What happens if the number of hours carried out is not shown in the certificate?

If the number of hours is not shown on the certificate, the program of the event / training activity must also be uploaded. The Technical Commission for Training (CTF) will not in any way deal with downloading or searching for conference, seminar or other programs on the web, nor will it visit sites through links sent by members.

  • When is it necessary to request the recognition of a training activity?

You can request recognition of a training activity no later than December 31, 2019 for courses attended in 2019; no later than 30 November 2020 for courses attended in 2020.

  • What happens if, at the end of the biennium, I have not accumulated the number of training days required?

Those who are not in compliance with the training obligation on 31.12.2020 will lose the quality of member but can be readmitted by presenting proof of having completed all the training days required, no later than 31 December 2021. After this deadline, the member may register starting from the following year (January 1, 2023-31 December 2024) without the obligation to present the backlog.

  • What is the Technical Training Commission (CTF) and what does it do?

The CTF, on the mandate of the TradInFo Board of Directors, checks compliance with the obligation of continuous updating to which ordinary members are subject, according to the procedures established in the Internal Regulations. It is composed of three members, all operating on a voluntary basis, who are ordinary members for at least 3 years. It also has full autonomy in defining its operating procedures and the criteria for recognizing events.