Chiara Vecchi


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Chiara Vecchi

About me

I work with companies in the fields of lifestyle and beauty (homeware, organic brands, skincare and haircare brands, perfume brands), travel and tourism (hotels, tourism boards, travel agencies), marketing and health and medicine (healthcare companies, medical device companies, research institutions) by translating their English- and German-language content to Italian.

When you don’t speak your customer’s language, you need a translator you can trust.

Being based in Italy and having worked at translation agencies and Italian companies in the UK and Germany, I understand the challenges of multilingual communication from all angles.

My translations from English and German to Italian are well-researched, well-written and ready to go, saving you time, effort and costly edits.

I specialise in:
• Lifestyle and beauty
• Marketing
• Medicine and healthcare
• Travel and tourism

I know how much effort you have put into your message, and I apply the same exacting attention to detail to the Italian translation.

Partnering with the right translator delivers engaging content, boosted sales and customer loyalty.

Looking to open up the Italian market? I have the key.

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Instagram: italian_cosmetics_translator

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41057 Spilamberto (MO)


(+39) 320.0587134



Language Services

Language Combination

German → Italian, English → Italian,


Agriculture - Animal husbandry - Wine and spirits, Gaming and leisure, Medicine and Dentistry, Fashion and cosmetics, Advertising and marketing, Other

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Italy - North West, Italy - North East, Italy - Center, Italy - South and islands