Organizational structure

TradInFo organizational structure

The governing bodies of TradInFo include the General Meeting, the Steering Committee, the Professional Conduct Committee and the Technical Training Committee. The mission and organization of these bodies are set out in the Association’s bylaws.

General Meeting

The General Meeting usually takes place twice a year and is also convened in extraordinary cases. The Assembly has the task of deliberating on the most important issues concerning the life of the association, such as approval of budgets, amendments to the Statute, dissolution of the association and any query submitted by the Steering Committee and of the Professional Conduct Committee, as well as possibly discharge them.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is the body that takes care of the routine management of the association: it organizes all activities, approves the admission of new members, convenes the General Meeting and proposes any changes to the Bylaws and the Code of Conduct. All members can also propose and organize new projects and activities of TradInFo, after having received the approval of the Board of Directors.

Structure of the Steering Committee

President: Francesco d’Arcangeli

The President is the legal representative of the association and manages its institutional relations together with the Steering Committee members of who, from time to time, can be assigned specific tasks.

Vice-president: Annamaria Baldan

Replaces the President if necessary and assumes all the powers.

Secretary: Stefania Bua

Collects the proxies and drafts the minutes of the meetings of the Steering Committee.

Treasurer: Michela Candi

The Treasurer manages the financial and accounting side of the association and reports to the Steering Committee and General Meeting, as well as keeping and updating the list of members.

Steering Committee

Luigi Borriello

Claudia Di Rubbo

Valentina Tassinari

Simona Vasile

Coordinator: Gloria Remelli

The Steering Committee is elected by the General Meeting and consists of a minimum of seven and a maximum of nine members who remain in office for two years and can be re-elected.

Ethical Standards Committee

It is the body responsible for verifying, on request or on its own initiative, any conduct that violates the Bylaws and the Code of Conduct. Once the violation has been ascertained, sanctions are applied, ranging from a written warning to suspension – in the most serious cases. The Committee consists of three members, in office for two years, and meets only when one of the members requests it.

Composition of the Professional Conduct Committee

Michela Bertozzi

Elena Di Concilio

Sara Meservey

Professional Advancement Board

It consists of three TradInFo members who have been full members for at least two years and completed at least three training days in total. The Board is appointed by the Steering Committee to ascertain the fulfillment of the obligation of continuous training by all members. In addition, it supervises TradInFo’s training and constant professional development plan. The Professional Advancement Board remains in office for two years and can be re-elected.

Composition of the Professional Advancement Board

Annamaria Baldan

Cinzia Sani

Gloria Remelli