What is TradInFo

TradInFo is a non-profit association of translators and interpreters started and registered in Forlì in 2004. It was created by a group of translators and interpreters graduated at the School of Foreign Languages and Literature, Interpreting and Translation – Bologna University, Forlì campus. TradInFo members share the same goals and purposes while keeping their own professional independence and autonomy, fulfilling the Statute and Charter. The association, therefore, does not earn any profits from its member’s activities, or engage in any mediation activity.

TradInFo’s goals

> To encourage and protect translators and interpreters when carrying out their job;

> To organize educational and updating activities for translators and interpreters such as courses, seminars and workshops;

> To develop professional integrity and ethics for translators and interpreters thanks to the collaboration of our members

Why TradInFo?

Taking care of the profession

TradInFo protects its professionals and shares values such as professional skills, accuracy and precision. In addition, the association strengthens its purposes by raising awareness among its possible clients about the vast world of translation and interpreting.

Recognition of the profession

TradInFo aspires to recognize a juridical and professional state for translators and interpreters. In Italy, professions not organized in orders or registers are regulated by Law n° 4 of  14 January 2013, which gives to the associations the role of guaranteeing the respect for professional and qualitative standards in the practice of a professional activity. The association is working on obtaining the recognition.

Approach to the profession

TradInFo helps translators and interpreters in everyday work. Senior-year and graduates who want to work in this sector, and experts who need support for their own daily activity can join  TradInFo to find support and exchange views.

Duties and Rights

TradInfo backs up its members, translators and interpreters, to safeguard their professional rights, but decides upon their duties as well, with a clear Charter which they all have to respect. The document regulates the fulfillment of the job, the relationship with the client and the relations with co-workers.

In continuous training

TradInfo facilitates the professional updating of translators and interpreters with formal and informal training opportunities such as courses, seminars, workshops, meetings and continuous and productive debate among the members.

Form networks

TradInFo brings translators and interpreters together and encourages them to collaborate and support each other through not only technology but also face-to-face, with training and social events. Information exchange and opportunities to exchange views among colleagues are, indeed, considered essential for TradInFo members’ personal and professional growth.

Opportunities for exchange

TradInFo also promotes information exchange among members for side activities connected to translation and interpreting, for example IT, technology and bureaucratic procedures. These are, in fact, extremely important for those translation and interpreting freelancers.